Friday Farm CSA Pick-Up


Here are the details for your pick-up location:

Fridays 1- 8pm 

Transplanting Traditions Community Farm

directions to the farm here


A few reminders about our pick-up guidelines:


You will find the walk-in cooler underneath the big barn. Please use the provided hand sanitizer before touching the door handle or turning on the light (the light switch is to the right of the door)Inside the walk-in, find the box labeled with your name and take the plastic bag(s) with your produce out. Please unfold your empty box (learn how in this quick video), look on your box label to see who your farmer is, and put the box in the rack with your farmer's name on it, turn the cooler light off, and shut the door firmly (to keep the cool air in).


The farm gate will be locked at night to limit access to the farm. If the gate is locked when you arrive, you can either park outside the gate and walk in or unlock the gate. The gate code was provided in your 2021 CSA guide email. Please use the provided hand sanitizer before and after you unlock and open the gate. Please make sure to lock it again when you leave.


Late picking up? 

Your share will remain in the walk-in for you to pick up anytime through Monday morning.


Have questions about pick-up? 

Call or text Betsy: 203-321-7066.


For 2021 Friday Pick-up Dates see our 2021 Full Season CSA Calendar.


If you have further questions, please email Betsy:


Updated 6/15/21.


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